If you have any questions regarding boxing, please email us and we will answer them.



Q: What If I just want to train and not compete?

A: You don't have to compete - we run sessions also for those that enjoy the training and do not wish to go in the ring.

Q: At what age can you start boxing and at what age do you have to stop?

A: The youngest we will take anyone on is 10 years old. Amateur Boxers can start competing at the age of 10 and will have to hand in their card on their 40th birthday.

Q: How long do you have to train before you can compete in your first Boxing bout?

A: We usually don't allow our Boxers to compete until they have sufficiently learnt how to defend themselve, as well as being able to throw a correct punch. Usually within six months new members would have learnt the basics of Boxing and could go against someone of their own ability, age and weight in a skill bout.

Q: What is the difference between Orthodox and Southpaw?

A: Basically, Orthodox Boxers are right handed people who have their left foot in front, leading with their left hand (Jab). They circle to the left, so they can bring their opponents towards their big right hand! Southpaws are the opposite: left handed people, with their right foot in front, jabbing with their right hand and circling to the right.

Q: What does "to throw the towel in" mean?

A: If a trainer thinks that during a bout, his Boxer has done his best but is not succeeding, to save him from further punishment, he litreally throws the towel into the ring to end the contest and accept defeat.